Can I benefit from digital publishing?

Part of our work is being honest with our customers and clients. Going digital is not an easy way to go. The equation „Everybody has a mobile device + I have a nice magazine, catalogue, brand = ensure success“does not apply. There is a hard work behind to reach the maximum of your audience, to give them what they need and satisfy them the way that they are willing to pay for your digital content regularly. Positive news – there is a way. Few random tips and tricks from our kitchen.

  • Teach your customer to find your digital issues on one place. Choose the way you prefer – own branded app or aggregator. But do not confuse them with several digital channels.

  • Support your own channels, take “auto-advertisement” to each printed issue at your publishing house.

  • Digital” is a phenomenon of these days, let your customer touch it for free, give them a present – trial of 3 or 6 months.

  • Adapt to free trial model provided by Stores – give 3 months for free. If they renew, charge them for that if not, they won’t pay for those 3 months. Users appreciate it.

  • Do you have your loyal customers/subscribers? Those loyal customers should be the very first target group to taste your new product. Grant them with trial subscription. Promote by sending newsletter, inform them about a gift, based on their loyalty.

  • Create special packages with a printed version if you can. Let´s call it something like Combo subs and promote it – “2 for 1 offer”, “pay only €5 more and get full year digital with your printed subs” and such as. Like this you increase not only your incomes, but users database as well.

Print promo

Creating a digital promo for printed version

Before you even start

I have very fresh experience of my own with digital magazine publishing. Here are few head ups to beware about and not to forget:

  • If you have decided going digital, take your time choosing the right tool for you.

  • Do not think that creating own digital publishing platform can ever cost you less than any out-of-the-box solution. 

  • Going digital is all about marketing, promoting and sharing the information with your customers. Just imagine you have opened a new grocery in your town. Talk to people even before going live, keep them tuned.

If you are at the beginning of all of this I wish you luck. Pass all these homework and your great digital dream will come true.


Business development There is always a laugh around Tomas, we are having a lot of fun together. But most of all he is a great sales and customer person. He is responsible for creating and managing sales strategy and pricing of CoverPage. So if you feel like bargaining about the prices, feel free to ask him. Not sure whether he abates, but you can give it a try.

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