Do I need my own selling channel?

Yes, you definitely do. Apple and Google gives us Stores – the channels to distribute and sell our content which is great. But of course there is a business behind that and that crosses our business plans. Apple and Google take 30 to 38% as a revenue share. That a huge amount of money. That’s why to have a tool that is able to connect your content with customer´s wallet directly is way more essential that to have just in-app purchases option.

CoverPage is not the only tool for digital publishing at the market. There are many more. You have to compare prices, features, how it runs, coverage. What should be one of the deal breakers for publishers especially, is the ability of login service. Which means to have a chance to use own payment channels and for the users ability to log in to your app library to read your content without further charges. It doesn’t matter if we are talking about single issue purchase or subscription.

Many publishers choose the cheaper way of their digital service and of course in some cases that might be the right way from the price performance ratio point of view. No extra cost, but not too many options to create the real profit.

Obviously, you have to pass few steps to get your app accessible. Let’s see what you should do to have a good digital product ready for the new audience.

Login service usually covers (but is not limited to) these common scenarios:

  1. You already have an existing database of your readers / users and you wish to grant them access to your content (e.g. a magazine publisher can have a database of his print subscribers, to whom we want to grant access to his digital editions).

  2. You want to sell your content / projects through your own channels (website, e-shop, etc.) concurrently with In-app purchases implemented in the App.

Key benefits of „Login service:“

  • Know your customer – your sales channel, your information. You can target your customer from the beginning

  • No shares – your money “stays at home”

  • Subscription combinations – combine printed and digital subs or sell chosen single issues, create own competitive package

  • Provide your content to important partners for free– Even your publications are free, you can simply add them into your database

  • Custom your content according to target groups – which are able to see your content and vice versa

Implementation of CoverPage Login service:

  • Create your database – you have to create a database on the side of your server with which the app will communicate. For regular IT guy it is a work for a day maximum. Some publishers need to import the current subscribers lists kept in Excel or other sources but this will facilitate the work forever..  If you have your online database of subscribers, you are closer to bring your content directly to your customer´s device.

  • Create the payment getaway if you don’t have any. We strongly recommend to use some of the existing out-of-the-box solutions instead of creating your own for insane money.

  • Implement the third party login service – All the guidelines are available to support you.

  • If you are struggling on your own, just let us know.


Once you are done with all the steps described above, you are ready to sell your content to your customers directly.