Burda Publishing and their digital portfolio built on CoverPage

Online magazine Mediaguru released an article about Burda Publishing House building their digital magazine portfolio on CoverPage platform. Josef Mika – Editor in chief of Chip magazine – is describing the advantages of being digital and how is it easily done with CoverPage.

Monthly magazine Apetit, another magazine from publishing portfolio, is going digital with its own branded application.  Apetit had its digital version before, but not the own branded app. They were using Publero, the platform offering one kiosk app that aggregates many magazines and newspapers in one. Burda decided to go their own way and enable readers to choose print or digital version in a standalone branded app.

Project basis were the longterm experience with digital version of Chip magazine (since 2012) and establishment of successful cooperation between CoverPage and Burda last year. Our platform allowed the publisher to offer combined subscription (print + digital) using login service, which is the biggest advantage of CoverPage as Mika said. “In the long term, it’s proving that this offer is the most requested one. Roughly 20% of more than 10,000 subscribers is purchasing the combined subs 18 months after launching.”

Burda presumes that Apetit should overcome the numbers. Apetit will be available on iOS and Android mobiles, tablets and Windows and Mac desktops. Editors will complement the digital edition by extra materials. Special edition of Apetit will also be in the offer soon.

“The advantage of this solution is that we lead the reader buying the digital and also combined versions of our titles directly from us, using our website paywall. Thanks to that we have an opportunity to know the readers and to have the important data about their purchases and behavior. We are able to work with them directly. These readers become customers,” evaluates contribution Josef Mika.

Burda Praha is planning to expand their digital portfolio soon. Another lifestyle title – Elle is also available in Stores already. It will work on the same principles as Apetit and Chip. Other titles should follow over the next year so that the newly established e-shop should become a portal for the selection of all types of Burda magazines.

Full article available HERE (in Czech language).


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