What’s new 1/2016

New year, new ambitions. The beginning of 2016 was quite turbulent. Opening balance from trial balances of the last year, creating the roadmap according to our clients’ and users’ needs, determining the priorities while also starting new things, new businesses and creating new ideas. We did not even noticed and February was here. There is a lot of new things coming soon. And you will find it always here, in What’s new in CoverPage

New Publisher 2.13 for your convenience

We have released a new version of CoverPage Publisher version 2.13. Among other technical improvements that are not usually visible for user but important for the best experience, there are also some that will make your work way easier.

See the Sound tool now and explore the wider range of settings.

Choose wether you want to play the sound on: one page, number of pages or through the whole project.

Sound tool

Sound tool – page range selection

Try putting yourself into the skin of your user when using this new feature. The sound across multiple pages can be annoying sometimes.

Full text search

Second is the full text search feature. Some of our clients jumped 4 meters high Now you can create projects that can be searchable with highlighted text results on each page. Only what you need is to use PDFs or InDesigns as a source material for your project and the magic is done.

FullSizeRender copy

Search for the words by tapping on Search icon

Copy – paste feature

Last but certainly not least is copy-paste feature enhancement. Simply copy any layer of interactive zone and paste it anywhere in the project, with the same parameters and content. Feel free to use the same feature for pages as well. You can use shortcuts ctrl+c and ctrl+v or right mouse button of course.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.59.37

Choose copy-paste or ordering from menu. Or simply use shortcuts.

Hope you will enjoy these new features that will facilitate your work. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Good luck.

Promote your app on Facebook and Twitter and track the success

We’ve implemented 2 great analytic tools into our platform recently – Fabric and Facebook SDK. The primary aim was to measure Facebook and Twitter advertising effectiveness. But later on we were digging deeper and deeper and found out the great usage of both platforms.

See what Fabric brings to you:

  • Deeper insights beyond just pure crash reports (which does not happen that often with CoverPage, but still )
  • Tracking of installs and user behaviour
  • Tracking the installs from Twitter advertisement to help you grow and monetize your apps
  • All the critical data in a single, intuitive dashboard to get a snapshot of your app’s health in real-time, understand what’s truly important
  • Team collaboration, but also work seamlessly with multiple counterparts

And what about Facebook SDK? We all know the advantages of advertising in social network environment. Well, with this implementation you can easily track the success of your campaign.

If you decide to update your app with these analytic tools, simply let us know.

We hope you had a successful start to the new year and that this success withstand all year round.


Key account manager She would love to be the Lead XML Writer, but she is too good with the clients to become one. Barbara has joined the team to reinforce the marketing and project management of the product. She quickly fit in as the only woman in a strong development team thanks to her communication skills, enthusiasm and friendliness. She is now responsible for all the public relations and communication, key account management. She plays an important role in the progress of the product.