World Publishing EXPO 2016 from our perspective

Vienna, Austria – World Publishing Expo 2016 opened in Vienna Oct. 10 with 115 exhibitors, including CoverPage. World Publishing Expo is a prestige event that gathers the best suppliers, innovators, services and products together every year. As being a publishing platform representing the evolution of the best practices for digital content, we surly had to be there. We were eager to discuss the future trends for our industry.

You could experience 3 days of exhibition, featuring two new free conferences – Digital Media World and Print World 2016 – and expert Guided Tours around the hall few times every day. The huge focus was at digital media, digital content and solutions. All that with aim to get the deep understanding of the changes that are going on in the news media landscape, and learn how to act and react quickly to get ahead of the competition and monetise your content and resources.

WPE'16       WPE'16

This year was also a year of Drupa exhibition – no. 1 Fair for print and crossmedia solutions, which is organised only every four years. Therefore the attendance was expected to be lower than in previous years. But everything bad comes with something good. Lower attendance of exhibitors and also visitors focused only on print gave us the opportunity to meet exactly the right people and spend more quality time with each person coming to our booth. The contacts we made were good and quite high.

WPE'16       WPE'16

You can either panic, do nothing or start to fight

Being digital is no longer a matter of prestige. Nowadays it is a must. The matter is to find the right solution – reliable tool, for affordable price, with intuitive interface, supportive team and the most important – with ability to monetise the content effectively. News media companies are responding to the challenges by constant innovation and implementing new ideas and business models. Too many important thoughts and words were presented at Digital Media World conference. We are bringing few important ones that are really worth to think of.


“The German newspaper industry lost 26 percent of its subscribers between 2000 and 2015. So what do you do? You can either panic and sell your business to a larger company; do nothing, where the chances of you being out of business in a couple of years are high; or you start to fight, and that is what we have tried to do over the last few years.”

“Build the strong brand – It’s important to show your audience you are more than just one source of news – more than just a newspaper, a website or an app.”

“If you don’t try new things, you don’t have a chance of new growth. There is still lots of potential for regional publishers.”

Kurt Sabathil, managing director, Schwäbisch Media – he believes there is no reason local news organisations can’t thrive in a digital landscape, as long as they are prepared to try new things and invest in their business.


“Content creators can work with enriched information to generate added value. Publishers can now reach a wider reading public and open up more revenue streams to match their budgets and strategies – and this in a digital, mobile manner using several platforms.”

Rainer Kirschke, business manager at Eversify – as he said, the future of publishing lies with mobile content.


“Technology providers for our newspaper industry play an important part in setting the trends for a new business cycle in the industry. The industry also needs to focus on digital content and technology.”

Ralf Ressmann, WAN-Ifra director for Europe, Middle East and Africa who thinks that there’s a need in the newspaper industry to continue to network.


“We are not just print. We are of course print and digital. And this is important to us. It’s not either or. It’s both. Our world is digital as well as analog and that’s how we address the business.”

Klaus Schweighofer, board member at Styria Media Group – operates in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia, is following this approach by exploring new digital areas while staying true to its legacy business rooted in print.


Join us next year – WPE’17

Under the motto “Make Publishing Successful,” the IFRA World Publishing Expo and the new parallel DCX Digital Content Expo will be held under one roof at Messe Berlin exhibition centre on October 9-11,2017. 25,600 m² of space for publishing industry visions and ideas. We will surly be there. Will you?


Visit at our booth

Visit at our booth

Guided tour at CoverPage stand

Guided tour at CoverPage stand


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