Key account manager She would love to be the Lead XML Writer, but she is too good with the clients to become one. Barbara has joined the team to reinforce the marketing and project management of the product. She quickly fit in as the only woman in a strong development team thanks to her communication skills, enthusiasm and friendliness. She is now responsible for all the public relations and communication, key account management. She plays an important role in the progress of the product.


CoverPage CTO and Co-founder Everybody calls him Blackie. He is the oldest! Well, at least in the company. He is working in our company for 8 years already and he stood at the very first CoverPage code line. With his deep knowledge of IT technologies throughout the spectrum of platforms (including web, desktop and mobile) he is the glue that sticks the pieces of CoverPage platform together. He is responsible for transforming the CoverPage visions into reality, keeping an eye on functionality, consistency and user experience.
From what he has done in his professional life so far, he is a real IT engineer guru. But have you met musically gifted IT guy, with great sporting abilities?? Well, we've been lucky. Careful, he can challenge you in valley-ball or bass guitar any time.


Business development There is always a laugh around Tomas, we are having a lot of fun together. But most of all he is a great sales and customer person. He is responsible for creating and managing sales strategy and pricing of CoverPage. So if you feel like bargaining about the prices, feel free to ask him. Not sure whether he abates, but you can give it a try.


Lead Android developer Jakub started as a junior Flash, Flex and AIR developer to help with CoverPage development long time ago. With a steep curve of learning he soon become Martin’s right hand helping him with the CoverPage Publisher development. Later on he was responsible for Desktop Reader application and also for the actual version of Android Reader - native Android application. He started to experiment with Android SDK and Java to become our Android developer. His passion in adopting new techniques and development languages together with his steep learning curve makes him a perfect developer for new technologies and a great team player.
His sarcastic humor is famous around. Every morning story: Brace yourselves, Jakub is coming.


iOS developer Filip secretly wanted to be a tractor driver, but he ended up as an iOS developer dealing with Xcode, iOS SDKs, Objective-C every day. In his free time he studies law. Just in case clients would like to sue us one day. But with his 4 years of professional experience with iOS development, over 7 years of experience with software development and his attention to detail it is not likely to happen. His attitude to constantly learn new things and use of new development techniques are increasing the overall development knowledge not only for him self, but for the whole team.
Do not be misled by his photo, he is actually a kind person.


CoverPage user Alex is one of our most favorite clients. He is a publisher of BackPocket Magazine, among other Technical Architect, Director of Engineering, and Certified UNIX & Linux Systems Administrator with over 20 years of experience designing and deploying robust solutions for a diverse range of industries. He keeps us thinking about CoverPage from the other side of a window and always gives us an ideas to think of. And we do our best the ideas to become true.


CoverPage CEO Stefan is our team leader, money keeper, finance and positive thinking manager. He sees our future in number and his favorite CoverPage features are those bringing the greatest financial potential. He is the finance guys from the deep of his heart, but he keeps there a room for technology understanding and also for all of us. Simply said The right man, in the right place, at the right time.
One of his character traits is the ability to give the worst compliments ever even he means it nicely.